Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

[Rezension] Marianne Curley, The Named (Guardians of Time)

Paperback, 352 Seiten
Bloomsbury (11. Mai 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-1599905433

'Do you love her?'
'I, I don't know exactly, but ...'
My eyes move to Isabel's lifeless body.
If I'm her soul-mate, then I have a chance to save her ...
Imagine you were able to change the past. By altering one tiny thing, you could start a chain of catastrophic events ...
Ethan is Named - he has the ability to travel back in time, where he must use his special skills to try to intercept the dark forces intent on unravelling history. But Ethan is also a normal schoolboy, and leading a single life with a double identity is becoming just too much to handle, especially when even the normal part is getting more and more complicated.

Zum Buch:
Ethan has been Named for some time. He is now sixteen and pretends to live a normal life. He goes to school and acts like any teenager should. But his spare time is filled with paranormal activities. As Ethan is working for the Guard, his duty is to save history from the influence of Chaos - delivered by the Order.
All is well until Isabel becomes Ethan's apprentice and the old Prophecy is about to fullfill itself - everything changes.

This story is a blend of contemorary fantasy and historical fiction. Ethan and Isabel are able to travel through time. Their mission is to prevent intervenence of the Order in historical events to change the present time.
Fast-paced and written in easily understandable English, this story stuns with its creative ideas and unexpected developments in relationships.

Ethan was Named at the age of five and has been a loyal member of the Guard from then on. He is good at his job and being Named is everything Ethan wants to be. All in all, he is a very likeable and interessting character. Moreover, Ethan suffers from a bad relationship to his parents, who are both traumatised since the sudden death of Ethan's sister some years ago. 
Due to his secret job, Ethan has barely contact to others of his age - especially since his former best friend Matt has cancelled their friendship because of his girlfriend. 
Ethan is gifted with the ability to cast illusions and to move objects with the power of his mind.

Isabel is Matt's sister and was secretly in love with Ethan when they where kids. She is only one year younger than her brother and an ace. Most of all, Isabel loves to be outdoors. One day, she discovers her ability to heal herself and soon after is introduced to the Order by Ethan. She too is Named and destined to prevent Chaos. 

The story is gripping and well constructed. Like most of kick-offs "The Named" is meant to introduce the reader into the world and to set the scene. But instead of lingering in scene-setting, this novel gives an intriguing story and loveable characters who master difficult problems. "The Named" entertains and lets the reader eagerly await the sequel.

Both of the protagonists take turns in telling the story as first-person narrators. This allows the reader a deeper insight into the happenings and the thoughts and characteristics of the protagonists. Thanks to the chosen narration the story is fast-paced and easy to read. As no difficult vocabulary is used the novel is perfect for readers who are not fluent readers of English.

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  1. Super Rezi und dann auch noch in meiner Mutterpsrache, das freut mich immer! Ich habe von Curley das Buch "Im Kreis des Feuers" gelesen und fand es einmalig. Dieses scheint auch super interessant zu sein. Danke, ich werde danach mal ausschau halten!